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Hydrostatic Pressure and Basement Foundations

When it comes to basement walls, Hydrostatic pressure is a serious issue. Water weighs more than 60 pounds per cubic foot. Heavy rain will cause the soil around your basement to become saturated with water. This water will in turn apply thousands of pounds of pressure on your foundation. Once this happens, cracks can develop or the walls may start to bow or buckle.

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Water Proofing Wet Basements King Of Prussia

King of Prussia is a major center of retail in the Philadelphia area, but more importantly it is home to over 18,000 residents that may need waterproofing. Located just 20 miles outside Philadephia by route of the Schuykill Expressway, it holds one of the largest malls in the United States. The state route 23 run right through the middle of King of Prussia and connects the town to the historic Valley Forge Park. History buffs will remember that Valley Forge is where Washington spent the winter after crossing the Delaware River. After getting all wet in the river, he dried off in the hilly, area just west of King of Prussia. George Washington didn’t have any wet basements to deal with in his log cabins, but today, most people in the area have a basement.

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Water Proofing Wet Basements Wayne Pa

Wayne Pennsylvania is a bustling town located on what is commonly referred to as the main line. The main line refers to the train line, the R-5 that connects it to the big city of Philadelphia. It sits right on the route 30 corridor between Devon and Radnor. It is just 18 miles outside Philadelphia. Although it is more than 5 miles south of the awesome Schuylkill River, floods still do occur. According to some residents, flooding basements is a major problem that occurs every year, at least once a year.

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Wet Basement Waterproofing Downingtown Pa

Joseph Soster, General Contractor and Waterproofing Expert, is proud to serve Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Downingtown is a borough in Chester County approximately thirty miles west of Philadelphia. Going back to the eighteenth century, Downingtown was settled by European immigrants who were attracted to the Brandywine Creek, a fast moving water source that could potentially power many mills in the area. In fact, so many mills were established in the area that Downingtown was originally named mill town. Downingtown did not receive its current name officially until 1812 when it was named for Thomas Downing, a prominent business man and Quaker who owned a number of mills in the region. Downingtown has a claim to fame in popular culture as it was the site of the 1958 movie The Blob.

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