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French Drain Installation Contractor in Villanova, PA

Villanova has many gorgeous, historic homes in the area. These houses are full of charm and delightful to live in, but they often causes the homeowner to experience a few extra headaches one wouldn’t find with a brand new house. One the problem associated with an older home is a leaking basement.

If this is happening to you, you probably need for it to be waterproofed. But what exactly does that mean? One way this waterproofing is done is with a French Drain. To install this kind of drain, the perimeter of the basement floor is jackhammered down to the footing and the concrete is removed. A layer of stone is laid down, and a perforated drain pipe is laid on top of it. Water is collected from the basement wall floor joint as it enters, and a pump is installed to remove water from the house and away from the foundation.


Basement Waterproofing Services
French Drain Systems in Villanova, PA

French Drain Systems in Villanova, PA


This installation can save you thousands in the future, as basement flooding can warp and ruin the foundation of your home. As well, just a few inches of water can destroy everything you store in your basement, from priceless family photographs to important financial documents and more.

Waterproof One can handle your French Drain installation for you. It is just one of the services we have been providing to the Villanova area for over a decade. You can email us at Joesoster@waterproofingone.com or call (484) 410-4110 to reach out. Get your house a French Drain before a major basement flood happens to you.

Installation of French Drains in Villanova, PA

Installation of French Drains in Villanova, PA


French drains are the best way to manage excess water and prevent potential water damage to your home. These drain systems can divert the rainwater from your home, keeping it nice and dry. French drains are extremely valuable when it comes to rainy and snowy weather because they stop any potential floods and keep the structure of your home as good as new. Contact us today to learn more about our French drain installation systems.



French Drains and Basement Waterproofing in Villanova, PA

French Drains and Basement Waterproofing in Villanova, PA


In Villanova, Pennsylvania, French drains are a well-liked basement waterproofing technique. To keep water from seeping into the basement and away from the house’s foundation, French drains are constructed all around it. Depending on how the basement will be used, French drains may be covered with concrete, a grate, or left uncovered. A crucial step in preventing water damage to your home is waterproofing the basement.


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