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Hardscaping Cleaning Company


Paver Cleaning Services

Please refrain from rushing out to the neighborhood hardware shop to rent a power washer so you may clean your patio yourself, even though we know it’s alluring. Your pavers may be harmed by a power washer. Use a surface cleaner, not a high-pressure power washing wand, to clean your pavers. Small granule aggregates, which are used to construct pavers, will be removed together with the pigment (dye) that gives them their appealing appearance using high-pressure cleaning. Additionally, the jet-style wands could etch your pavers, making them appear worse than they did before you started. In that case, replacing your pavers is the preferred option over simply washing them.


Hardscape Paver Sealing Services

we use the very best water based (non harmful) sealers that have an epoxy binding additive which hardens to the surface of the paver as well as hardening the sand between the joints of the paver. Call today to make your pavers look brand new and add a layer that protects that look and feel!


Hardscaping Installation Services


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Retaining Wall Restoration

Retaining walls are built to work much harder than a freestanding wall. Not only are they supporting their own weight, but they are retaining soil, which can exert a lot of force especially when saturated with water. If your garden’s retaining wall is starting to lean, has become damaged, or has just seen better days, give Waterproofing One a call. We’ll walk you through the process and determine what will need to be done to bring your retaining wall back into shape.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Wall Construction

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