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When it comes to basement walls, Hydrostatic pressure is a serious issue. Water weighs more than 60 pounds per cubic foot. Heavy rain will cause the soil around your basement to become saturated with water. This water will in turn apply thousands of pounds of pressure on your foundation. Once this happens, cracks can develop or the walls may start to bow or buckle.

Wall Cracks

When the average person sees cracks in the foundation, they assume it may be normal settling of the foundation. That maybe correct in some cases but if may also be the result of the foundation moving. Whenever you have a wall crack that is the result of hydrostatic pressure, you can be assured that it is going to get worse over time. Responding to this situation early will help to avoid extensive damage and cost.

Bowing or Buckling Basement Walls

If you notice that your walls are staring to bow or buckle, it is a sure sign that you have foundation issues that have been existing for some. Hydrostatic pressure creates lateral pressure against your foundation walls. The weight of the pressure will eventually exceed the wall capacity. Expansion of the soil around your foundation can also lead to the walls bowing or buckling.

Signs that Your Home has Foundation Problems

• Uneven Floor
• Interior and Exterior Cracks in Foundation
• Bowing or Buckling of Walls
• Cracks in Floor or Floor Tiles
• Doors and Windows will not open or close properly
• Separation between Wall/Ceiling or Floor

Cracking, bowing or buckling foundations can be a serious problem for home owners. Responding to these situations early will help to avoid extensive damage and cost. A bad foundation can lead to total house destruction. A strong foundation is key.
Luckily. Waterproofing One can fix your foundation and bring it to code. It all starts with you contacting us to schedule a free inspection. All our work is guaranteed.

Also, check out our video section and watch our video about wall pins as a way to strengthen block foundations.

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