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Retaining Walls

Protect and support your garden’s soil with a professionally-built stone wall

Retaining Wall Installation Services in Chester County, PA

Retaining Wall Services


Retaining Wall Installation

Nothing makes your garden “stand out” more than a retaining wall. Imagine the impression a beautiful garden with a natural stone retaining wall would leave on visitors, neighbors, and those passing by. To get started with making the investment that will most certainly increase your home or property’s curb appeal substantially, call the pros at Waterproofing One. We will evaluate your property and walk you through the process of deciding which materials and design of retaining wall will work best for your garden’s soil and overall layout.

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Retaining Wall Restoration

Retaining walls are built to work much harder than a freestanding wall. Not only are they supporting their own weight, but they are retaining soil, which can exert a lot of force especially when saturated with water. If your garden’s retaining wall is starting to lean, has become damaged, or has just seen better days, give Waterproofing One a call. We’ll walk you through the process and determine what will need to be done to bring your retaining wall back into shape.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Wall Construction

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