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Wayne Pennsylvania is a bustling town located on what is commonly referred to as the main line. The main line refers to the train line, the R-5 that connects it to the big city of Philadelphia. It sits right on the route 30 corridor between Devon and Radnor. It is just 18 miles outside Philadelphia. Although it is more than 5 miles south of the awesome Schuylkill River, floods still do occur. According to some residents, flooding basements is a major problem that occurs every year, at least once a year.


Quakers were the original settlers of the Wayne area. Quakers are a religious group known for their stout and structured ways. They are quiet, peaceful, and very firm in their beliefs. They are a peace church that does not advocate violence as a resolution or in any context. If you attend a service today, at what they call meeting houses, you may expect long periods of silence where the intent is to clear your mind and gain advanced spiritual focus.

Because Wayne sits right on route 30, this spurred its development. Of course it wasn’t always route 30, but the first turnpike in the United States ran right through Wayne. The railroad also had a stop there allowing for the wealthy to live in a rural setting, while still being able to get to work in Philadelphia in the morning by train. Because of these beginnings, Wayne is still a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia. Schools are highly ranked, and crime is fairly low. Education is important to the residents of Wayne. Wayne residents hold a very high percentage of graduates from higher education. One local institution is the Valley Forge Military Academy.

A very notable building of Wayne is the Wayne Hotel. It was built in 1906 and at the time it was called the Waynewood Hotel. It wasn’t until 1926 when it came under new ownership that it really became a landmark. Modern luxuries were added to the hotel including brand new serving pieces like china and linens. More notably though running water was installed in every room, something unheard of for the time period. The hotel went through some changes in ownership, but has been restored to a hotel of beauty. The running water comes standard in every room now as expected.


Running water jokes aside, there are some serious water issues facing homeowners in the Wayne area. The need for waterproofing basements in Wayne is high. Storm water management has been a hot topic issue because many feel that it’s not managed the best way possible. Yes, the nearest river is miles away, and the threat of direct flooding from the river spilling over its banks is low, flooding still occurs. People blame their wet basements on the lack of storm water management, but you can make your own assumptions.

Residents in south Wayne often see flooding in their basements. Pictures have been taken of basements so flooded that you can only walk down one or two stairs before you hit water. Imagine the amount of damage flooding like this causes! Can this be prevented?


Yes this utter destruction can be prevented. Residents see flooding in their basement each and every year at least once a year. One resident was so used to it that he videotaped the flooding last year and pointed out the streets that were basically rivers. Keep your basement dry by getting it water proofed by the experts. Waterproofing your basement can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. If you flood every year, you’re just tempting fate every year you put off waterproofing your basement. If you have a wet basement, call Joseph Soster, General Contractor and water proofing expert. His team can keep you dry by installing proper drainage, or sealing up your basement the right way.

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