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Joseph Soster, General Contractor and Waterproofing Expert, is proud to serve Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Downingtown is a borough in Chester County approximately thirty miles west of Philadelphia. Going back to the eighteenth century, Downingtown was settled by European immigrants who were attracted to the Brandywine Creek, a fast moving water source that could potentially power many mills in the area. In fact, so many mills were established in the area that Downingtown was originally named mill town. Downingtown did not receive its current name officially until 1812 when it was named for Thomas Downing, a prominent business man and Quaker who owned a number of mills in the region. Downingtown has a claim to fame in popular culture as it was the site of the 1958 movie The Blob.


Downingtown’s close proximity to Brandywine Creek and the Schuylkill River could cause problems with basement flooding for homeowners. The location of the two rivers means the need for waterproofing in Downingtown is essential. The Brandywine Creek is a fast moving tributary of the Christina River. The Brandywine is approximately twenty-five miles long. The beginning of the East Branch and the West Branch are just two miles apart and flow down the slopes of the Honey Brook Mountains. The Schuylkill River is the most prominent river in the region. It is approximately one hundred and thirty-five miles long and located entirely in the state of Pennsylvania. The Schuylkill has two branches: the East Branch beginning in the Appalachian Mountains near the town of Tamaqua and the West Branch beginning near the town of Minersville. The mighty Schuylkill is the largest tributary of the Delaware River, one of the major rivers on the entire Atlantic Coast.

With so much water in the region, basement waterproofing in Downingtown, PA is a major concern for homeowners. With any amount of substantial rain, homeowners in Downingtown may experience the headaches of flooded basements. Flooded basements may cause severe damage to valuable property being stored in the basement as well as dangerous structural damage to the foundation of a home. Although those things can be quite costly, a wet or damp basement has the perfect conditions to grow mold. Mold spores can cause a myriad of health problems ranging from symptoms as minor as skin rash, runny nose, and eye irritation to symptoms as severe as acute respiratory infections, scarring of the lungs, and liver damage. All of this can be avoided by homeowners in Downingtown who consult the experts who can advise them on the proper means of basement waterproofing.


Joseph Soster, General Contractor and Waterproofing Expert in Downingtown, can advise residents on the three proper means of basement waterproofing: interior sealants, interior drainage, and exterior drainage in conjunction with waterproof coatings. Through his advice, residents may choose one of or a combination of the three that will best help their situation. Joseph Soster stands by all of his work with warranty and has the lowest prices guaranteed. Joseph Soster, General Contractor and Waterproofing Expert, is happy to serve the residents of Downingtown and the Greater Philadelphia area including King of Prussia, West Chester, and Pheonixville and more.

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