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It’s that time of year again!

In the Toughkenamon area, there has been a higher than normal level of rainfall this summer. This is the time that homeowners need to check their properties to see if there are any Waterproofing needs. As you do so, here are some signs that you can look for on the inside and outside of your property:

#1 Large puddles in your yard

During heavy rains, there may be large puddles outside. This could be a sign that your yard isn’t properly sloped to remove the water. This could also lead to the yard becoming over saturated. Over saturation could lead to Hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic Pressure: is the pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure increases in proportion to depth measured from the surface because of the increasing weight of fluid exerting downward force from above. Essentially, when water pressure builds up, it may mean going to your basement.

#2 Dampness or water in your basement

If after a heavy rain you see water developing in your basement, you may have a drainage problem.After time, Hydrostatic pressure can cause erosion of the soil around your foundation and eventually foundation damage. Slapping some sealant on the wall may stop the leak temporarily, but it is like putting a Band-Aid on a major wound. You need to address the issue of what is causing the problem, and Waterproofing One can do this for you.

These issues need to be handled at the first signs to avoid major repairs down the line. Time and time again, we get calls from people who have had work done to finish their basements and then once the rainy season comes they find out that there is a problem. Damp drywall is a perfect place for mold to grow, which causes health concerns.

At Waterproofing One, we can help you with the above mentioned problems and give you peace of mind. Call 800-508-4144 to get started. We have been doing this for over thirty years. All quotes are free and our work is guaranteed.

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