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Exterior Waterproofing System


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Exterior Waterproofing System

An exterior drain system does not allow any moisture inside a basement or crawl space.  As apposed to an interior drain system, an exterior waterproofing system diverts all water before it is able to come in contact with your foundation.    For this reason, exterior waterproofing is the best way to waterproof a basement.


Before waterproofing the basement or crawl space you must prep the area being waterproofed.  First we expose the entire foundation.  Excavate from grade level down to the footer of the foundation.  Once the foundation is exposed we scrape and power wash the foundation walls to clean all loose debris from the wall then let it dry.  After the wall is washed we check for any cracks and than fill any cracks found with a hydraulic cement.


Now that the exterior foundation wall has been prepped we begin installation of our exterior waterproofing system.  The first step is to roll on an adhesive on all newly exposed foundation walls. After applying the adhesive we install a waterproof rubber membrane.  On top of the rubber membrane we install a plastic drain board to help protect the rubber.  At the bottom of the foundation wall next to the footer we install a drain consisting of perforated pipe, 3/4” cleaned stone and filter fabric to catch all water that sinks down to the bottom of the wall.  This drain is pitched to a lower elevation or to sunlight.  This system completely blocks all water from entering your basement or crawlspace while carrying built up water away from your home.  The last step is to backfill all dirt and grade the soil to divert any surface water away from the home.


By installing an exterior waterproofing system you are ensuring your foundation will stay strong and healthy as well as eliminating the possibility of moisture building up in your home!  If you think exterior waterproofing is best for you and want a free inspection give Waterproofing One a call today at (800) 508-4144.

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