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How To Remove Viruses From The Air In Your Home Using E-Z Breathe

Remove any bacteria, virus, or dangerous toxins in the air for only a portion of the price!

Recycle Clean Air in Your Home

Pick up this maintenance-free system that is designed to help protect your home and family against any molds, allergies, moisture, toxins, or bad air quality. Many homes come equipped with a ventilation system that only recirculates the same air over and over. Due to this, many contaminants start to buildup over time and become hazardous for you and your family.

According to the EPA, “6 out of every 10 homes and buildings are sick, they are hazardous to your health as a result of airborne pollutants”. Bacteria, viruses, black mold and toxins pollute the air in the majority of buildings. Reduce the risk of a “sick home” by use of our whole home ventilation system. EZ breathe provides up to 85% reduction in airborne particulates.

Recycling Clean Air in Your Home

Features of the E-Z Breathe

  • Maintenance-free & easy to operate
  • Can be used in many spaces around the house
  • Uses about 1/7th of a regular dehumidifier per month
  • Does the work comparable to 7 individual dehumidifiers

Remove Bacteria & Virus Particles From the Air

During these times, it’s become more and more important to make sure the air being recycled in your home is clean & safe to breathe. On average (for a 4,000 sq/ft home), the E-Z Breathe will recycle clean air through your home at least 12 times a day. Compared to other products and systems that may only filter in clean air a handful of times, the E-Z Breathe makes sure to eradicate any virus or bacteria in the air for the whole day.

While in the past you may have had to worry about leaving your appliance running while no one is there, the E-Z Breathe offers incredibly low pricing and even lower energy consumption. Now you can recycle clean air in your home, as well as remove any bacteria & virus particles that may be floating around before you get home! Contact Waterproofing One today to schedule an evaluation on the best place to install your E-Z Breathe.

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