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Pennsylvania is filled with historic homes and a rich past. Towns like Royersford, PA became incorporated back in the late eighteen hundreds. Although these old beautiful buildings are to be cherished they do come with their fair share of issues. If you own an old home near Royersford, PA you have most likely had basement waterproofing issues. These old stone or block foundations were built before adequate basement waterproofing systems had been invented. Overtime these old foundations are compromised due to water intrusion and mold. Overtime builders have become more experienced and many homes today are built with existing French drains below the foundation.

Waterproofing One has proudly been repairing foundations and basement waterproofing in the Royersford, PA area for years. The key to a healthy home is being proactive. If you smell musty odors from your basement, see water entering your foundation or see any signs of mold growth you need to call an expert. Do not wait for your remarkable old house to give way due to a degraded foundation! Call Waterproofing One today (800) 508-4144! Our experienced basement waterproofing contractors can assist you in returning your aging foundation to its former glory.

There are four common sources of water that seeps into basements:

1.) Surface water running down foundation walls.

2.) Groundwater in water-saturated soils being pushed into the basement by hydrostatic pressure.

3.) Storm sewer water from the municipal storm sewer system backing up into the home’s existing perimeter foundation drain and leaking into the basement (this can only occur if the perimeter foundation drain system is connected to the municipal sewer system.)

4.) Sanitary sewer water from a combined municipal storm/sanitary sewer system backing up into the home’s drain system, causing sewer water to come up through sink drains and floor drains on lower levels.

After a thorough inspection to identify the cause of the problem, it can normally be cured with one or more of these scenerios. Foundation Repair, French Drain Installation and/or Installing A Sump Pump.


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