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Deck Waterproofing

Dry outdoor living spaces under a waterproof deck

DecTec ensures your outdoor living space will remain dry through the rain!

The Dec-Tec Dry Deck Waterproofing Solution

Dec-Tec solutions for Deck Waterproofing, are quickly installed and seal completely. Since there are less seams compared to other solutions, there’s less chance for leaking. In fact it’s such a durable solution that the manufacturers guarantee the materials for 10 years.

Dec-Tec’s high definition prints look like real wood or stone depending on the style you choose, the surfaces are engineered to have good traction, they have good wear protection and have enhanced UV wear protection.

Overall Dec-Tec is a great choice for making your deck beautiful and quickly creating extra usable space below, for garages, patios and any other spaces you may need.

Dry Outdoor Living Spaces Under Waterproofed Decks

Ever want to sit in your outside living area on a rainy day but can’t seem to keep dry? Well, now you can keep yourself dry while sitting outside under your waterproof deck and watching TV, having a drink, or hanging out with friends & family. Our waterproof decks ensure you won’t get wet during the rainy and stormy days. Call Basement Waterproofing One today to get a new outside waterproof deck installed above your living space!

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