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Do you ever think back to those younger days when you went to your grandparent’s house and smelled that musty odor in the basement? All along, you were probably being exposed to some very dangerous mildew growth, and that musty odor was actually a warning sign. When you smell a musty odor in the basement, it is a sign that you might have moisture forming that can harbor mildew and mold which is hazardous to your health. It is also an invite for pests like termites to come in and settle in your home causing havoc.


So what might be causing the odor and musty smell in your basement? It is not that your home is dirty. It is moisture that has formed mildew and mold, and it is growing and living behind the walls of your basement. If left alone, you will have it spreading right through your sheetrock, living in your support beams, burrowing in the insulation and contaminating steel, concrete and brick.

When you discover those musty smells and odors in your basement, you want to call Waterproofing One to help resolve this dangerous issue. First, you want to make sure that termites and other pests are not living and breeding in those dark, moist areas. Second, the damp air will become contaminated with mildew and mold. Breathing this in can cause serious infections and respiratory illnesses. Once exposed to the mildew and molds, you might experience pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic cough and other respiratory issues.

Leaks and Moisture

There are two major causes of dampness in the basement. These are leaks and moisture condensation. The easier fix is when the dampness is due to moisture.

Condensation in the basement is due to humidity. Humid air will condensate on walls and exposed pipes and is common during the hot summer months or during lots of rainy weather. When your home is full of moist, humid air, it falls down towards the lower rooms in the home such as the basement. Here, it begins to condensate on the cooler surfaces in the basement. After time, the mildew and molds will begin to grow causing that musty damp odor in the basement.

Hopefully, the dampness in the basement is not due to a water leak because this is a very costly repair. Most water leaks in the basement are due to pipes, but it could be a problem with the foundation.

If you experience that musty odor in your basement, call Waterproofing One. We will deliver fast, proficient and professional results. We are the professionals you can trust to remove your mold and mildew. Removing mold must be done right the very first time it is attempted. The experts at Waterproofing One will put together a proposal defining the steps they will take to properly remove the mold and mildew. If you have a problem with mold, it will do nothing but get worse. Give us a call today before your damp basement problems get worse.

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