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King of Prussia is a major center of retail in the Philadelphia area, but more importantly it is home to over 18,000 residents that may need waterproofing. Located just 20 miles outside Philadephia by route of the Schuykill Expressway, it holds one of the largest malls in the United States. The state route 23 run right through the middle of King of Prussia and connects the town to the historic Valley Forge Park. History buffs will remember that Valley Forge is where Washington spent the winter after crossing the Delaware River. After getting all wet in the river, he dried off in the hilly, area just west of King of Prussia. George Washington didn’t have any wet basements to deal with in his log cabins, but today, most people in the area have a basement.


There is much mystery around where the actual name came from, but most believe it to be in honor of the actual King of Prussia between the years of 1740 and 1746. The king was Frederick the Great. Prussia was a small kingdom that was conquered by the Germans. It was split for a time, then reunited. Under Fredericks rule, Prussia prospered and held great power in Europe. The Welsh settled the King of Prussia area originally and named it after the family that owned most of the land, the Reese family. Reeseville as they called it didn’t change names until an Inn formed under the Reeses’s control. This inn serviced many soldiers during the revolutionary war, which is where a common myth comes about that they named the inn only to attract Prussian soldiers. This has been disproven mostly by the presence of maps at the time that refer to the inn as different names.


King of Prussia near the Schuykill RiverKing of Prussia sits nestled to the south of the mighty Schuykill River. The Schuykill is one of the largest rivers in the area and frequently floods areas surrounding it. Flood waters can be disastrous to any homeowners unfortunate enough to be low enough, or close enough to advancing waters. Rising waters can flood basements that are not properly waterproofed. Although the retail area of the KOP mall resides close to the river, the majority of the area next to the river is residential leaving the potential for destruction falling on the homeowners.

King of Prussia is a wet region because of the river, but direct flooding from the river isn’t the only water hazard homeowners have to keep an eye out for. Heavy rainfall can also pose a huge issue in an already wet area. At the end of September 2010, record rainfall created issues all over the region. The KOP mall flooded so heavily that there were 123 stores that had water damage, and months after the flooding, some stores were still closed due to damage. Houses in the King of Prussia region were also devastated.


Water proofing your home in the King of Prussia area could be the difference between a record rainfall that doesn’t affect you, or a record rainfall that ruins your basement and causes thousands of dollars in damage. Even if you don’t have a finished basement, flooding in your basement can cause other issues. It can ruin boxes in storage, cause intensive cleanup of mud or debris, or worse of all flood waters in your basement can cause health issues that you may not even be able to see. Dry basements keep you healthy, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Waterproof your basement now. Get a free quote from Joseph Soster, General Contractor to waterproof your basement in King of Prussia. Expert water proofing will keep you dry the next time it rains.

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